Loyalty Programs
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Loyalty Programs

The data is clear—the old way of doing loyalty just isn’t working.

Most loyalty programs have become complicated, privacy-invasive, expensive, time-consuming, and—worst of all—ineffective. Customers feel bombarded with promo emails they don’t open, and business owners are frustrated that their marketing dollars (and hours) aren’t leading to more return visits.


Consumers are tired of disclosing personal data, downloading apps, and keeping track of cards and coupons. They want a loyalty program that really rewards them and doesn’t overload them with marketing.

So we created a new way: Wilbur.

Wilbur is a remarkably easy, set-and-forget customer loyalty system designed to reduce your time investment, lower costs, and get the results you want.


Twenty years of experience designing world-class loyalty programs for all kinds of businesses has taught us that at the core of the best, most successful loyalty programs are two things: simplicity and usability. So, we designed Wilbur to maximize these elements.


We gave up the cards, the apps, the big data, the email blasts, the customer tracking, the hours spent crafting messages that don’t get read. No more sign up forms and time-intensive employee training. All that remains is what businesses actually need and what actually works—for everybody, you and your customers.

Wilbur will change the way you think about customer loyalty.

Wilbur is a customer loyalty rewards system that works using something simple that everybody already has: text messages.

Freedom from apps, cards, and registration forms.

Customers send one text to join your program. When points are earned or rewards are issued, customers get a text with balance info and your custom messaging.

You don't have to worry about actively marketing to your loyalty members anymore.

Set your messages once and let them work their magic. You can change messaging whenever you want, but this is one thing you can check off your list.

Design your program however you want without any restrictions.

Offer points for visits, for dollars spent, rebates, multiple reward levels, bonus points during certain hours, and more.

Members earn and redeem points with just their phone number.

No card to carry, no coupons, emails or postcards to remember, and no last-minute search while standing in line.

Tailor your program structure to fit your business & your customers.

There are three main types of Wilbur loyalty programs: instant reward, rebates, or auto-rewards. Once you determine which type of program you want to have, you can customize the details: how and when customers earn points and rewards; how many points are earned per dollar or per visit; and whether or not you want to offer any “extra point” promotions.

Instant Reward Programs

With this option, customers earn points for every dollar spent or for every visit. When customers earn enough points, they receive an instant reward and their points return to zero automatically. There are two ways to reward customers:


  • Instant Cash. A cash value is added to the customer’s Wilbur account instantly and automatically. Customers use their phone number to pay for their purchase at their next visit.
  • Instant Voucher. The customer receives a text message detailing the reward, for example, “Thanks for being a loyal customer! Present this text for a free treat.” Customers show the reward text to the cashier to redeem their free item.


Instant Reward Programs are perfect for the majority of businesses, especially if your business has a simple pricing structure, small ticket items and regular repeat purchases. This type of program easily replaces a punch card, reducing fraud.

Rebate Programs

Every time customers make a purchase, a percentage of their transaction amount is added as cash to their Wilbur account. Since frequency of sales varies over the course of the week, rebate programs are especially well suited for retail businesses. Offer a higher rebate for customers shopping during slower hours and encourage customers to shop in a way that benefits you.

Scheduled Auto-Rewards with Wilbur VIP

Wilbur VIP is a super low-maintenance, high-impact solution that allows you to send cash rewards to your loyalty members by text message on an automatic cycle (monthly, weekly, etc.). Set your marketing messages just once per cycle and track your ROI down to the penny. Reduce reliance on complicated, costly solutions and enjoy this streamlined, ultra-effective approach to customer loyalty and marketing.

Looking for something more traditional? We do plastic loyalty cards, too.

Our traditional loyalty card programs are tailored to fit the way you do business. Many of our customers choose to add loyalty point capabilities to their existing gift cards for a combo gift/reward card. There are endless options when it comes to designing your program and give you all the tools you need to collect and use loyalty data.

Ready to get started?

Contact us to start brainstorming your Wilbur program.

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