Wilbur VIP
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Wilbur VIP

Re-purpose your marketing dollars and revitalize your ROI.

Print ads, pay-per-click ads, email marketing, and mailers – how much time and money are you spending on these every month? What is your return on investment?


It’s a fundamental truth in business – retaining existing customers is easier and far less expensive than attracting new ones. So, instead of spending money on conventional advertising, thrill your customers by spending your marketing dollars directly on them!


Wilbur VIP is a super low-maintenance, high-impact solution that allows you to send cash rewards to your loyalty members by text message. Set your marketing messages just once per month and track your ROI down to the penny. Reduce reliance on complicated, costly solutions and enjoy this streamlined, ultra-effective approach to customer loyalty and marketing.

The simple, science-backed logic behind Wilbur VIP.

With over twenty years designing world-class loyalty programs, we designed Wilbur VIP based on four well-documented customer loyalty and marketing concepts:

Retaining existing customers is far less expensive than attracting new customers.

Virtual “cash” rewards, like gift cards, are proven to make customers spend more than normal.

Small, frequent rewards increase sales better than larger rewards that take longer to reach.

Texting is far more effective than emailing. Text message read rates are 94% – email? Only 1-3%.

The Wilbur VIP System

Increase customer spending, shopping frequency, and ROI with high-impact text messages and only once-a-month maintenance. Here’s how it works:

Customers join your program by texting their first name to your Wilbur phone number.

Did you know? Studies show that customers don’t like loyalty programs that collect a lot of data. Wilbur shows your customers you respect their privacy by only collecting a first name.

Optional: offer bonus rewards for joining.
Every month*, loyalty members receive a text alerting them that a cash value has been added to their account. Cash values automatically reset at the end of the month.

*You decide reward values and how often customers get rewards. The text will tell them how much has been added to their account with space for your short, custom promo message. Set your messages once per month and let Wilbur do the rest.

Customers just use their phone number to redeem their rewards and a text confirmation is sent.

The Wilbur Difference

Wilbur is different from regular SMS marketing because customers receive texts only when value is added to or redeemed from their account. This ensures that texts don’t overload customers, causing opt-outs and sabotaging your marketing efforts in the long run. Wilbur keeps customers engaged and happy. We also provide full, detailed reporting so you know exact redemption rates. No guess work!

Are you ready for a new approach to customer loyalty?

Stop wasting time and money on marketing strategies that don’t work. Get started with Wilbur and start seeing results. Set up is fast and easy.

Contact us today to get started creating your perfect solution.