Integrated Marketing
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Integrated Marketing

We’ve partnered with Constant Contact to make marketing to your loyalty customers a breeze.

Once you’ve collected your customer data, that data is uploaded directly to Constant Contact. Our integration with Constant Contact makes it easy to send promotions, announcements, and information to your customers. When you know who your customers are and how they spend money with you, you can use email and mobile marketing services to reach out to your most profitable customers and increase revenue.

Connect to your most profitable customers.

There are endless ways to increase your communication with your best customers.

  • Keep loyalty customers up to date on new items, events, and other promotions
  • Send your loyalty customers coupons as a “thank you” for joining the loyalty program
  • Send notifications to loyalty customers about their account
  • Make accessible and easy surveys to find out what’s missing from your customer base
  • Promote, maintain, and maximize attendance for an event online

All the features you need to create stunning emails.

Create professional emails with custom templates, sending options, and tracking abilities.

  • Personalize emails by inserting names, gift/loyalty card numbers, balances, etc.
  • Get real results that you can easily track via reports
  • Have your loyalty customer’s contact information already uploaded and ready to go

Start your free trial with Constant Contact.

When you use our referral link below, you’ll get a 30 day free trial to try Constant Contact.

Are you using a different email marketing service?

If you use another email client, we can email your customer data to you in a spreadsheet format on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Contact us to learn more about integrating marketing tools into your loyalty program.

Contact us today to get started creating your perfect solution.