Employee Perks
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Employee Perks

Gain an edge in today’s tight labor market: launch an employee meal or perk program. It’s never been easier or more affordable.

An employee perks program from STS is a simple way to control costs and track employee benefits. Easily and quickly manage your entire program yourself from the online dashboard. Our service makes benefits fully trackable and easy to use for both you and your employees.

STS Employee Perks will change the way you think about managing benefits for your employees.

Use employee IDs to track and manage employee benefits. Choose how long your employees have to use their benefit: weekly, monthly, or any other time period. Benefit value is automatically activated for employees at the beginning of the benefit cycle and reset at the end.

Track perks in multiple, convenient ways

  • Use existing employee IDs
  • Use employee cell phone numbers
  • Use physical cards – you can even use your existing gift cards

Create multiple benefit tiers

  • Offer different benefit tiers for different employees
  • For example, group employees based on position within your company time employed

Manage everything from your online dashboard

  • Quickly add or remove employees to and from the program
  • Set and adjust benefit levels for each employee
  • Activate one-time benefits
  • Set daily spend limits
  • View account balances and history
  • Run program activity reports
  • Track participants from multiple locations/companies

Easy to use for both employees and managers

  • Employees can text to sign up for benefit notifications
  • Employees can check their benefit balance via text
  • Redeem benefits using your POS system or via the online dashboard

Why our customers love STS Employee Perks

“STS gives us the flexibility and capabilities we need to automate, track and easily manage our employee meal plan. Our employees can now receive account balance updates for their earned employee benefits via SMS text as well as easily manage their program through the STS web portal. Redeeming their benefit through our POS system is also as easy as running a Gift Card and shows the employees balance right on their check.


Through the STS web portal our HR team can easily update annual increases to benefits, add new employees, and immediately deactivate accounts when necessary. The reporting is very easy to adapt to our specific accounting needs and shows benefit value used each month at each of our locations. The customer support from their team has been very helpful and accessible every step of the way.”


Tim Tintle, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

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