Interactive Cards
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Interactive Cards

Interactive loyalty and gift cards create a better experience for both merchants and customers.

With our cards, customers can check their card balances instantly using custom QR codes printed on the back of each card.


When you add QR Barcodes to your gift or loyalty program, all your customers have to do to check their balances is to scan the loyalty barcode and they see their balance information instantly–along with your exclusive offers.

How It Works

To check a card balance or view transaction history, the cardholder scans the barcode on the back of his or her loyalty card using a smart phone.


After the scan, the smart phone opens the balance page automatically, showing the customer their point balance, cash balance, transaction history, and custom promotional messages from you.

A More Convenient Customer Experience


Customers don't have to wait through lengthy phone menus.


No need to type in the balance check web address.


Customers won't make any errors typing in their card numbers.


Deliver timely offers to customers with every balance check.

An Infinately Adaptable Marketing Tool

Give your customers extra incentive to act with highly relevant offers when they already have your business top-of-mind: during a balance check.

  • Easily change promotions
  • Build awareness of new menu items
  • Bring new stores more traffic with location-based discounts
  • Target different segments of your loyalty audience based on cardholder purchase history

Contact us today to get started creating your perfect solution.