Success Spotlight: NuYo Frozen Yogurt
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Success Spotlight: NuYo Frozen Yogurt

A local frozen yogurt shop uses loyalty rewards cards to show customer appreciation and increase business traffic.

What is NuYo?

NuYo is a popular frozen yogurt company with five current locations in San Diego and Northern California. “NuYo” stands for “nutritious yogurt,” as the company prides itself on its healthy live active culture yogurt, fresh food products, and eco-friendly practices. They boast 10-16 frozen yogurt flavors (depending on location) and over 50 topping options. They even offer non-fat, non-dairy, and no added sugar options to fit any diet plan.

NuYo was founded in January of 2008 by Mackenzie Harder-a frozen yogurt fanatic with a passion for customer service. “There is something special about being able to make a person’s day with one simple product,” he says.

What makes NuYo different from other frozen yogurt companies?

“It really comes down to three basic principles. Customer service, cleanliness, and consistency of product,” says Harder. “We strive to give every customer who walks through our doors the perfect experience where they can get fresh products in a clean environment while receiving exceptional service.”

Loyalty Program offers customer and business benefits

Mackenzie partnered with Smart Transaction Systems (STS) as a way to reward his loyal VIP customers for their frequent visits. “Our stores have such a strong customer base who have truly stayed loyal to our brand. We wanted to make sure they know how much we appreciate them and their loyalty. We recognize that their loyalty is the reason for our success,” he says.

With STS’s loyalty cards, Mackenzie can provide his customers with a simple and straightforward rewards program. When customers sign up, they receive an immediate bonus and begin earning points immediately. When they earn 40 points, they are eligible to get a free $4 yogurt. “They see the rewards after only a few visits and those free yogurts really keep them coming back,” says Harder.

Easy integration and set up

Mackenzie also notes that STS quickly and seamlessly integrated with his Point of Sale (POS) System. “Once we spoke with STS about the program, it sounded like they really had the processes and systems ironed out to make it a simple ordering process for our guests, while ensuring that we didn’t have to monitor it,” he says. “Speed of service is very important in our industry and having the program integrated with our POS really helps with that.”

Keeping in contact with loyalty customers

Another way Mackenzie stays in touch with his loyalty customers is with Constant Contact, an integrated email marketing program. STS partnered with Constant Contact to help businesses manage their loyalty program and send coupons, announcements, account information, etc., to their customers. “We use Constant Contact to send email blasts to our VIP customers,” says Mackenzie. “Nine times out of ten, those emails are coupons for free yogurt to show our appreciation. Also, we tend to run these coupons on days that are traditionally slower for us so we can drive more traffic.”

His advice to other small business owners looking to start their own rewards program? “Really spend some time reviewing your options. Try and look at it from the customer’s perspective and think through what your reactions would be as a customer using various programs. Never forget the purpose of the loyalty program…to reward your loyal and most valuable customers who are responsible for the success of your company.”