Study: Demand for Digital Gift Cards Continues to Grow
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Study: Demand for Digital Gift Cards Continues to Grow

Consumer demand for convenience is driving digital gift card sales online. Consumers love being able to purchase gift cards online for instant delivery. A recent gift card study shows a strong consumer desire and intent to purchase digital gift cards online.

Digital Gift Card Study Findings

Gift Cards and Online Holiday Sales

• 94% of respondents intended to purchase two or more gift cards by online or mobile during the holiday season

• Of this group, 23% planned to purchase five or more gift cards during the holiday season.

• Annually, 41% of this group purchase five to 10 cards.

Gift Cards and Digital Demand

• 84% of respondents between 18-25 agreed they were likely to purchase at least one digital gift card this holiday season.

• Nearly 90% of this group said they are more interested in purchasing digital gift cards now than they were two to three years ago.

• Of all respondents that intended to buy online or via mobile, 76% were likely to purchase at least one digital gift card

Gift Cards and Mobile Devices

• 66% of respondents between 26-35 prefer to scan digital gift cards from their phone instead of a printed email

• 71% of all respondents and 81% of those between 18-25 are interested in storing and using gift cards on their phones

• 96% of all respondents agree they’re interested in storing digital gift cards on their phone for self-use

Source: InComm

Taking Advantage of the Trends

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