Smart Transaction Systems Partners with Cruz Bay Solutions to Roll out Touch-screen, Print on Demand Kiosks
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Smart Transaction Systems Partners with Cruz Bay Solutions to Roll out Touch-screen, Print on Demand Kiosks

New product allows customers to select an existing gift card design or create their own design.

September 4, 2007 — Smart Transaction Systems (STS), a provider of gift card and customer loyalty programs for retailers, announced that it has partnered with Cruz Bay Solutions, a company specializing in self-service kiosks, to offer customers the iGift Print on Demand Kiosk.

The iGift Print on Demand Kiosk introduces a level of customer personalization never before seen in the industry by using touch-screen technology to enable customers in malls, sports venues, special events, and general retail locations to design, load, and print their own gift cards.. The iGift Kiosk allows customers to choose from a large selection of stock photos, card designs, and colorful fonts stored in the machine. Customers can also import their own photos and edit them with options similar to a photo editing kiosk. Using the kiosk, customers are able to choose from a much greater array of design options than can be found by purchasing gift cards from a display case.

A senior retail executive in the movie theater industry stated, “While Cruz Bay’s kiosk concept appeals to customers for its flexible personalization features, it also solves critical issues from the retailer’s perspective. For example, since the cards are printed and encoded at the kiosk on plain white stock, we are able to offer many more holiday-themed cards. They can be offered just prior to the holiday and replaced just after the holiday. We can basically offer an unlimited number of card designs, without inventory and logistics concerns.”

Retailers also have many customization options when it comes to running a Print on Demand Kiosk. Merchants may choose to place it within a store, or outside in high foot-traffic locations such as a mall, where, with easy on-screen instructions, it doesn’t need to be attended. Retailers can decide whether the customer pays and prints at the kiosk or at a customer service area. Maria Dent, VP of Operations at Smart Transaction Systems, stated, “The future of the gift card industry is in technologies like the iGift Print on Demand Kiosk. Personalization has become very important to consumers, and retailers are excited to integrate this new technology into their gift and loyalty card programs.”

The iGift Kiosk also allows customers to make balance inquiries and to reload existing cards. It is particularly well-suited for people who are only purchasing a gift card and don’t want to wait in line during busy holiday seasons. With the iGift Print on Demand Kiosk, a gift card can become a more personal, unique gift.

About Cruz Bay Solutions
Cruz Bay Solutions, LLC is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and specializes in self-service gift card technology. Cruz Bay offers kiosk options for gift cards ranging from units that sell gift cards on a display rack to card dispensing and Print on Demand units. Cruz Bay also offers an integrated e-commerce platform that enables retailers to offer personalized gift card features and sales capabilities on their web sites. For more information about Cruz Bay Solutions, please visit or call 617-661-6420.