Smart Transaction Systems Launches Text-2-Transact Solution
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Smart Transaction Systems Launches Text-2-Transact Solution

New solution allows merchants to process gift and loyalty card transactions using text messaging capabilities.

January 13, 2009 — Smart Transaction Systems (STS) a leading provider of prepaid, gift and loyalty card programs for businesses of all sizes, announced the release of its newest mobile solution, Text-2-Transact. For the first time, merchants can process gift and loyalty card transactions from any cell phone, with the same functionality of a standard POS or payment terminal, by using the phone’s text messaging capabilities.

Text-2-Transact works by allowing a mobile merchant, such as a pizza delivery driver, a farmer’s market vendor, or a mall kiosk, to use a cell phone to text the particulars of a gift or loyalty card transaction to Smart Transaction Systems. Smart Transaction Systems immediately sends back an approval or decline message confirming the status of the transaction.

Unlike standard POS terminals, there are no downloads, no extensive set-up processes, no rental fees, or special requirements associated with Text-2-Transact. Text-2-Transact works with any cell phone, on any network, with any text messaging plan. To set up Text-2-Transact, a merchant simply provides the cell phone number they will use to process transactions to Smart Transaction Systems.

“Pizza restaurants are one of many examples of businesses that can really benefit from this technology. Very few pizza restaurants accept their own gift cards for pizza delivery because the cost of specialized, mobile, wireless terminals can be prohibitive,” said Ray Clopton, President of STS. “Our Text-2-Transact makes it very easy for any type of business that does delivery to accept gift cards wherever they are,” added Clopton.

Once a merchant is set up, using Text-2-Transact is easy. Text-2-Transact uses numeric values to represent every aspect of the transaction, making the process much faster and simpler than traditional text messaging.

“We’ve designed a turnkey solution that succeeds in making text messaging simple,” said Stephanie Kroner, Director of Business Development at STS. “Text-2-Transact is designed so that even the most inexperienced cell phone users will be able to process gift and loyalty card transactions easily and efficiently.” Currently, merchants are able to use their cell phones to accept and sell gift cards, add and redeem loyalty points, as well as void transactions and check total sales for the day.

STS will also be marketing Text-2-Transact to malls, farmers markets, flea markets and outdoor sports and entertainment venues in the US and abroad.

Merchants or resellers interested in using STS gift and loyalty programs can obtain more information by contacting STS at 888-494-9760 or visiting