Smart Transaction Systems Launches New Gift Card API for Apple Developers
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Smart Transaction Systems Launches New Gift Card API for Apple Developers

Swift library allows iOS developers to efficiently add gift or loyalty card features to their point of sale apps

Smart Transaction Systems (STS), provider of innovative gift card & loyalty card solutions for merchants, has launched a new Swift library that dramatically reduces the amount of time that it takes for Apple developers to add gift and/or loyalty capabilities to their iOS apps.

“Many of the latest POS systems are designed to run on iPads and iPhones, giving merchants added convenience and cost savings. Our Swift library for iOS developers makes gift and loyalty card integration significantly easier, and faster, than ever before,” said Sarah Miller, Director of Marketing at STS.

Unlike a basic in-store gift card program, the STS gift card platform allows merchants to sell digital gift cards online and participate in, the top marketplace for gift cards to locally owned businesses. Partnering with STS allows developers to include the latest gift card technology with their app, both quickly and efficiently.

“We’re excited about the opportunities this will create for iOS developers,” continued Miller. “We provide transaction processing, reporting and merchant support so that POS software companies can focus on growing their businesses.”

Interested developers can request test credentials and free technical support is provided throughout the development process.

Developers can learn more and request test credentials here.