Smart Transaction Systems Launches New Gift Card API for Android and Java Developers
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Smart Transaction Systems Launches New Gift Card API for Android and Java Developers

Java library makes it possible to add gift card processing features to any app in hours instead of days or weeks.

Smart Transaction Systems (STS), provider of innovative gift card & loyalty card solutions for merchants, has launched a new Java class library that dramatically reduces the amount of time that it takes for Java developers to add gift and/or loyalty capabilities to their software.

“As merchants seek simpler, more cost-effective POS solutions, Android tablets are rapidly replacing traditional, PC-based point-of-sale systems. We created the Java Gift Card Class Library so that POS software companies can quickly and efficiently provide their customers with an integrated gift card system that works online, as well was in stores,” said Sarah Miller, Director of Marketing at STS.

“We’ve made the process simple and straightforward. Interested developers can request test credentials and we offer free technical support throughout the development process,” continued Miller.

In addition to point-of-sale applications, the Java Gift Card Class Library can be used by any Java developer writing software for any device that runs Java. The API manages communications, transaction processing and error checking. Developers simply pass the details of the gift card transaction to the library and read the response.

Developers can learn more and request test credentials here.