Smart Transaction Systems Launches Integrated Text Messaging Solutions
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Smart Transaction Systems Launches Integrated Text Messaging Solutions

New solution bridges the gap between traditional customer loyalty programs and mobile marketing services.

Boulder, CO, June 18, 2008 — Smart Transaction Systems (STS), a provider of gift card and customer loyalty programs for merchants, introduced new SMS text messaging services to its retail, restaurant and lodging customers today. The new service allows merchants to create and manage text-enabled gift card and loyalty programs. The added dimension of text messaging keeps customers in the loop with real-time balances and special, members-only offers.

“The addition of text messaging capabilities to our gift and loyalty programs opens up a world of possibilities, particularly where customer loyalty programs are concerned. Merchants can enable anything from simple, check-your-balance capabilities to special promotions that are tailored to the customer. They can even do spontaneous promotions to bring people in the door if they happen to be slow that day. It’s a very powerful promotional tool, but it’s surprisingly easy for a business of any size to manage,” said Ray Clopton, President of Smart Transaction Systems. “We see applications for this technology in everything from coffee shops to stadiums and college campuses,” added Clopton.

STS bridges the gap between the the point of sale and mobile marketing services with a comprehensive solution that also includes integrated web, POS and interactive voice response systems to allow customers to access the system though any medium. STS is working with multiple SMS gateway services to provide its customers with the broadest possible feature set.

Integration with the STS system makes it possible to send text messages to consumers based on an event, such as a recent purchase entitling the customer to rewards, incentives or discounts. In most cases, the message can be delivered to the customer’s phone before leaving the store. STS and its partners provide reporting that allows merchants to track response and redemption rates to gauge the effectiveness of each campaign.

In today’s market, merchants are finding it much more difficult to get consumers to put another card in their wallets. To address this challenge, STS offers the option of cardless gift or loyalty programs. Merchants can allow their customers to register their mobile phone numbers instead of carrying traditional plastic cards.

STS has also worked with its partners to help ensure that consumers are not flooded with unwanted text messages. In compliance with the FCC CAN-SPAM act, consumers can easily text a 5-digit short code to opt-in or opt-out at any time.

STS will be marketing its text-based services to new and existing customers through new partnerships with mobile marketing companies as well as its existing partners in the payment processing industry.

Merchants or resellers interested in using STS gift and loyalty programs can obtain more information by contacting STS at 888-494-9760 or visiting