Smart Transaction Systems Launches First-of-its-Kind Loyalty Card
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Smart Transaction Systems Launches First-of-its-Kind Loyalty Card

New cards create a more convenient, customized loyalty experience.

May 4, 2011 — Boulder, CO – Smart Transaction Systems (STS), a provider of cutting-edge gift card and customer loyalty programs, is pleased to introduce an interactive loyalty card to its merchants. For the first time, customers can check their card balances instantly using unique two-dimensional QR barcodes printed on the back of each loyalty card. The groundbreaking solution, developed by STS, offers distinctive benefits to both consumers and merchants.

To check a card balance or to view transaction history, the cardholder simply uses a smart phone to scan the barcode on the back of his or her loyalty card. A web-browser opens automatically, displaying loyalty points, cash balance, transaction history, and promotional messaging from the issuing merchant.

“The convenience-factor of these cards is unmatched in the industry. There’s no hassling with lengthy phone menus or typing web addresses into browsers, then tediously entering the card number. With these cards, all the customer has to do is scan the loyalty barcode and the information is there instantly, along with exclusive offers from the merchant.” said Sarah Miller, Marketing Communications Manager of Smart Transaction Systems. “The cards work with virtually all smart phones and there’s no need to download an extra application.”

The next-generation loyalty cards provide merchants with an infinitely adaptable marketing tool. Merchants can easily change promotions to build awareness of new menu items or to bring a new store more traffic with location-based discounts. Merchants can also use their promotional content to target different segments of their loyalty audience based on cardholder purchase history.

“What really impresses us about QR barcode technology, when used in conjunction with a loyalty program, is the remarkable potential it has to change how merchants and consumers interact with their cards,” said Miller. “Our solution enables merchants to give their customers extra incentive to act when they already have the merchant top-of-mind: during a balance check. Providing consumers with highly relevant offers at the right time pays off for everyone.”

Merchants interested in creating a cutting-edge loyalty program can obtain more information by contacting STS at 888-494-9760 or visiting