Smart Transaction Systems Integrates Gift Card Software with New InvenTrak Point of Sale
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Smart Transaction Systems Integrates Gift Card Software with New InvenTrak Point of Sale

Smart Transaction Systems announces integration with the latest point-of-sale release from Specialty Retail One, InvenTrak POS. Now, merchants using InvenTrak can process gift cards with no extra equipment.

Boulder, CO, May 17, 2008 — Smart Transaction Systems (STS), a provider of gift card and customer loyalty programs for retailers, announced the integration of its programs with InvenTrak POS software, the most recent solution from Specialty Retail One (SROne). Designed specifically for fast-paced, high-volume retailers, InvenTrak combines a powerful POS with an extensive back office to deliver a unique solution.

“InvenTrak is rapidly gaining popularity with our sports and entertainment retail clients that can benefit from innovative solutions like wireless POS networks and remote inventory management. We’re delighted to be able to offer customers a fully integrated gift card solution that works with their existing POS systems,” Ray Clopton, president of Smart Transaction Systems, said. “We see great potential for multi-application stored value cards in this market. With our solution, season tickets can store a cash value as well as earn reward points with purchases in stores and online.”

With STS gift card integration, retailers using InvenTrak can now process gift cards directly through their POS systems. This simplifies employee training and maximizes the speed and convenience of purchasing and using gift cards in busy sports and entertainment venues.

InvenTrak’s success is largely due to the special features designed specifically for a chaotic, fast-paced retail environment. It’s impossible to reschedule a game or stop a show, so there is no making up for lost time if the network goes down. InvenTrak can operate offline, ensuring nearly zero down time. Once the network is back online, all transactions and inventory changes are instantly communicated to the back office.

“SROne’s experience in the industry has shown us that you can’t assume two or three products will serve every merchant’s needs. InvenTrak provides the specialty retail industry with a more convenient, customized solution, in tune with their specific needs,” Kevin Colaco, President of SROne, said. “Our partnership with STS gives our customers the ability to process gift cards efficiently, right at the POS without any additional training, which is critical to retailers in our industry.”

For more information about the STS gift and loyalty card programs for the sports and entertainment industry, contact STS at 888-494-9760 or visit

About Specialty Retail One
Specialty Retail One is a rapidly growing company due to its ability to provide merchants with unique POS solutions. Retailers have been quick to adopt InvenTrak, not only because of its easy installation and intuitive POS interface, but also because of its exceptional, web-based back office. Using the back office, which is connected to all POS through a central administration server (CAS), retailers have access to extensive reporting, inventory tracking, employee productivity, cash balances at all registers, and can modify prices remotely. All POS across multiple locations will see the changes instantly.