Platform Enhancements and New Integrations Expand Smart Transaction Systems’ Growing Presence on the Global Market
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Platform Enhancements and New Integrations Expand Smart Transaction Systems’ Growing Presence on the Global Market

Integrations with InComm Payments, Shopify and BigCommerce Boost International Access to Loyalty Rewards, while Visual Updates to Smart Transaction Systems’ Wilbur Rewards Program Improve User Experience

Smart Transaction Systems (STS), a leading provider of gift card and customer loyalty programs for retailers, today announced a series of new integrations with InComm, Shopify and BigCommerce. The new capabilities arrive as the company introduces a robust product update to its text-based Wilbur Rewards loyalty program.

STS offers a suite of services designed with small businesses in mind, providing customer loyalty programs and gift card programs. Its solutions include a range of digital options that even the playing field, and enable small to midsize businesses to compete with larger chains and franchises. Each of these programs provides merchants with the ability to safely implement touch-free, virtual gift and loyalty programs for their customers.

The new integrations with major shopping cart and gift card providers further advance STS’s growth as a leader in user-friendly marketing solutions for small business owners worldwide. 

“The updates we’ve announced today will enable our merchants to create more connected businesses. Small business owners have a lot on their plates — especially during the economic uncertainty of the pandemic. Our goal is to provide solutions and updated offerings that are designed to support their unique needs. By doing this, we can empower them with the time and flexibility to focus on running their businesses, rather than being bogged down by administrative duties,” said Ray Clopton, President and CEO of STS. 

Wilbur Rewards, STS’s text-based customer loyalty system, enables retailers and restaurateurs to track rewards points and share promotional information. The card-free approach can help business owners improve customer retention with minimal loyalty program management or upkeep required.

The visual enhancements to Wilbur Rewards will encourage customer loyalty by enabling business owners to incorporate graphics and video elements into their loyalty programs. 

Updates to Smart Transaction Systems’ product and integration offerings include:

  • Shopping Cart Integrations: Integration with two major shopping cart providers make it possible for STS merchants currently using Shopify and BigCommerce to have one gift card program available to customers both in their retail stores and online. Support for other channels is also built into the service, enabling businesses to connect gift card malls, social media platforms and accounts.
  • Incomm Integration: STS has also integrated with InComm, to give small and medium sized business clients the opportunity to sell their gift cards in retail outlets such as supermarkets, drug stores, convenience stores and hardware stores in their area. An end-to-end payment platform and provider of financial technology solutions, InComm serves over 1,000 brands internationally. With the new integration in place, STS merchants will now have access to InComm’s 500,000 retail distribution points.
  • Visual Updates to Wilbur Rewards: The STS-owned, card-free loyalty program Wilbur Rewards now supports mixed media messaging. Merchants using Wilbur Rewards can include images or videos in their text-based customer programs, delivering these visuals directly to users’ phones. These visuals can be added to SMS reward messages, which are sent out to inform customers that they have earned or redeemed rewards at participating businesses.

“We’re pleased to share the highest quality visuals with our partners who use the Wilbur Rewards system, and we look forward to continued growth in 2021 as we work with our merchants to meet their unique needs for retention and customer engagement,” said Clopton. “It’s more important now than ever to empower small business owners with the tools they need to succeed — and accessible, effective loyalty programs are critical to achieving that goal.”

Merchants can learn more about the features of the new integrations and other STS programs by visiting

To access the enhanced visual features available with Wilbur Rewards, visit