Mobile Gift Cards Increase Gift Card Sales for Small Businesses
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Mobile Gift Cards Increase Gift Card Sales for Small Businesses

Small businesses gaining an edge with new technology.

February 24, 2011 – Businesses using to sell gift cards online can now offer another choice to their customers: mobile gift cards, or m-gift cards. M-gift cards are instant gift cards sent by text message to the recipient’s cell phone.

To purchase m-gift cards, customers simply click a link on the business’s website, and arrive at a custom page created for that business. The customer can then select the value of the gift card, add a personal message, and enter the cell phone number of the recipient. m-gift cards can be sent to any cell phone number. When the customer submits his or her order, the m-gift will arrive on the recipient’s phone in the time it takes to send a text message. is a full-service solution from Smart Transaction Systems that allows small businesses to sell gift cards online without the overhead of launching and managing an e-commerce site. Businesses can use to sell electronic gift cards, known as e-gift cards, sent instantly by email; physical gift cards, sent by mail; and now m-gift cards.

“Normally we help small and regional merchants to do things that the large national chains are already doing. The interesting aspect of this development is that we now have small merchants utilizing a technology that very few of the national chains have caught on to yet. The small merchants that we are working with are now offering their customers something that the vast majority of large retailers have not yet made available to their customers,” said Ray Clopton, President of Smart Transaction Systems. “We’re very proud of that accomplishment because our goal is to is to provide small businesses with the tools they need to compete with the big guys. M-gift cards are a great addition to and it is fully integrated with our mobile marketing and customer loyalty platforms.”

M-gift cards help businesses capture revenue they might otherwise have lost by offering relevant products to specific segments of their customer bases: teens and last-minute gift-givers. Therefore, m-gift cards benefit customers in ways e-gift cards cannot. For example, a parent can send an m-gift card to his or her teenage child shopping at the mall, who will receive the gift instantly, whereas an e-gift card might go unnoticed until later. With an m-gift card, the surprised and grateful teen will be able to redeem his or her gift card instantly by presenting the text message to the cashier at the mall store the gift card is issued for.

Merchants or resellers interested in using to sell a variety of gift card products can obtain more information by contacting STS at 888-494-9760 or by visiting