Gift Card Benefits
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Gift Card Benefits

Gift cards offer benefits paper certificates don’t.

Think gift cards and paper certificates are virtually the same? Think again. Gift cards offer unique benefits you can’t get from paper certificates.

Merchants who switch to gift cards from paper certificates increase sales by 100-1000%.

Gift cards sell better because they’re easier to display and faster to purchase. Instead of writing out a certificate, just swipe and go!

Gift cards are easy to activate and easy to use.

Gift cards activate with a swipe — no writing by hand — and are fully trackable. No balance guesswork.

A great way to handle product returns for store credit instead of refunding cash.

Instead of refunding cash or dealing with a separate tracking system, issue gift cards for store-credit and keep those dollars.

Allows small merchants to effectively compete with larger retailers.

Big chains have gift cards because gift cards are more profitable. When small businesses adopt gift cards, they have a better chance to compete for those gift dollars.

A great marketing tool for a wide variety of promotional campaigns.

From card-mailers to gift card discount promotions, gift cards offer endless options for marketing to your customers.

Gift Cards are often the most profitable selling space in the store.

Just a tiny display that sits on the countertop can generate thousands of dollars in revenue.

Gift cards build brand awareness and increase customer loyalty.

Gift cards are tiny billboards for your brand. When a customer has your gift card in their wallet, they’re almost guaranteed to make additional purchases.

No cash refunds – as balance declines, full cash value must be used in store.

When a gift certificate is partially used, often times the remaining balance must be issued as cash. With gift cards there’s no cash back.

65% of gift card users spend 38% over face value of their cards.

Gift cards generate big bucks beyond their intial value. That makes them powerful revenue generation tools.

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