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Doing your own thing or prefer not to use a library? Integrate with us using our XML API.

Our SSL Transaction Gateway gives you the ability to process real-time gift or loyalty card transactions via the Internet. The STP SSL gateway can be used for gift and loyalty transactions originating from a variety of channels within your organization including the following.

Transaction Channels

  • e Commerce shopping cart
  • Mail/Phone order call centers using IP capable software
  • POS systems at retail stores

Our SSL Transaction Gateway utilizes the http post protocol to simply the process of transmitting and receiving transactions. It is a simple request-response protocol that is supported in all modern development environments. Additional details on the protocol can be found here.


You initiate a transaction by creating an authorization request string and sending it to the us. We reply with an approve/decline/error response which comes back to you in an XML string that it is embedded in the response to your http post.

Complete the form below and we’ll email you the following:

  • Full documentation on our XML API with sample transactions
  • Your API key
  • Test Merchant ID
  • Test Terminal ID
  • Test card numbers
  • A point of contact to answer questions and help you get started


Contact us today to get started creating your perfect solution.